Ramanasramam – A video clip

Sharing a video clip that I took on my cell phone a few days ago – on the centenary puja of Swami Ramanananda, the previous President of Sri Ramanasramam. He was Sri Ramana’s nephew and dedicated his life to the cause of Ramanasramam and devotees. His name in his poorvashrama was TN Venkatraman. A picture of confidence and joy, he had great affection for me, as I for him. He passed away a few years ago and was interred in a samadhi by the side of his father’s (Swami Niranjananda) in Ramanasramam. This blog featured a four part series on his samadhi interment ( Click here for links )

The video clip here shows students of the Asrama Veda Pathashala chanting by the side of the samadhi of Swami Ramanananda. And then pans to show some peacocks… dance…

Listen to the chant of Veda…  Preserved in its purity in South India… Proper intonations, handed down thousands of years…

Experience the peace of the Ashrama.. Listen to the peacocks… See them dance… Enjoy the harmony of nature…




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One Response to “Ramanasramam – A video clip”

  1. Nagarajan Balasubramanyam Says:

    We enjoyed the blog and the pictures and videos and comments. A wonderful person we come across and that to in the yahoo group virupaksha.
    Hats off to you . and keep it up. you have given a golden opertunity for people like us (73 and 67) who cannot fo to mount kailash and other areas which you have photographed, but we can cherish your vies and enjoy them as if we have gone there.
    Once again thankful to you for providing the precious photo of Arunchala with light entering His Heart.

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