Listening to Mahabharata : Audio recordings

Vyasa-Ganeshaनारायणं नमस्कृत्य नरं चैव नरोत्तमम् |
देवीं सरस्वतीं व्यासं ततो जयमुदीरयेत् ||

Bowing to Narayana (Krishna), to the greatest of men Nara (Arjuna), to Goddess Saraswati, and to Vyasa, let Mahabharata be told thereafter.

Some of you may know that Soota has the joy of narrating Mahabharata… Few years back there was a write-up in The Hindu ( Click here to access)

This Soota’s narrations commenced sometime in 2001 and went on for ten years… The whole of Mahabharata… Narrated once a week, around 40 plus weeks every year.. And these were recorded in audio, as home recordings, live, while the narrations were done…

One part of the recordings was available briefly through an online channel that was later discontinued. These were a subset of episodes related to the great war of Mahabharata… (A blogger wrote a post about her experience in listening the stories. Click here to read that post )…

That version had 18 episodes, which were a part of the overall 50 episodes War set…

Now the whole set of 50 is available..

Folks in India who are interested in the recordings can now buy it, MP3 in Audio CD form, marketed by “Rasa – Experience of Art…”

In addition to the “Great War of Mahabharata” set, two other sets are available.

So: Overall: The following are available now…

– The great War of Mahabharata ( a series of 50 episodes )

– The story of Nala and Damayanti ( a series of 11 episodes )

– The story of Savitri and Satyavan (  a series of 8 episodes )

Each episode is around 50 minutes of audio….

If you would like to buy mp3 audio CD recordings of the above, visit the Rasa – Experience of Art website, by clicking here….


I had earlier blogged about the first set of 18 recordings.. You can see the post by clicking here.

To quote from that post:

In my experience over these years, I have seen the Mahabharata stories deeply touch people of all ages. From teenagers, to regular adults, to senior citizens….

Such is its sweep and appeal, that Soota Ugrashrava says in Mahabharata:

श्रुत्वा त्विदमाख्यानं श्राव्यमन्यन्न रोचते |
पुम्सकोकिलरुतं श्रुत्वा रूक्षा ध्वाङ्क्षस्य वागिव ||

Having heard this story, one does not relish listening to any other. After hearing the song of the Koel (cuckoo), who would be interested to listen to the caw-caw of a crow?

न तां स्वर्गगतिं  प्राप्य तुष्टिं प्राप्नोति मानवा: |
यं श्रुत्वैव महापुण्यं इतिहासमुपाश्नुते ||

Not by attaining heaven do men achieve satisfaction, happiness, as much as they do after listening to this great PuNyA, The Mahabharata!


Welcome to Dharmakshetra! Where there is Dharma, there is Krishna! Where there is Krishna, there is Victory!

Listen to the day-by-day unraveling of the greatest war ever written about…So welcome to Kurukshetra! And experience the sky filled with the sound of Sri Krishna’s great conch, Paancajanya!

Listen to the story about Nala – the great King, horseman, gambler, connoisseur of food… Who lost his all in a great bout of gambling… Who too was exiled to the forest and suffered even more than Yudhisttira did… Who is known as Punyashloka  – one who is so holy, that hearing his name is gives Punya…

Listen to the story of Pativrata Savitri… Which Maharshi Markandeya relates to Yudhisttira, in reply to his question on whether there has ever been any lady as great in virtues as Draupadi… The story of Savitri, who dialogues with Yama to get her husband back from the land of the dead…

Once more:

If you would like to buy mp3 audio CD recordings of the above, visit the Rasa – Experience of Art website, by clicking here….

Or the related link on the blogroll of this blogsite.

Right now it is available for sale only in India… As mentioned, these were recorded in non-studio, home conditions, live.  The recording quality would vary here and there… Requesting listeners in advance to forgive any deficiencies, and enjoy the great words of the greatest of  epics – Mahabharata…



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