Arunachala in December – A picture post


The year 2014 comes to an end, and we go for a short visit to Arunachala…. To Sri Ramanasramam (Asram).

26 December… Start off on Giripradakshinam, the holy walk around Arunachala



Half an hour or so into the walk, we come across a shrine that’s closed… Draupadi amman temple… A Soota moment…



An hour and a half into the ‘valam’, we come to the Adi Annamalai temple, the old temple of Arunachaleshwara, 180 degress on the other side of the mountain from the main Arunachaleshwara temple…



A large group of Europeans are having a ceremony of sorts inside the temple, opposite the Goddess Apitakuchamba shrine. A European lady is sitting right next to the sanctum and is absorbed in meditation… This is the ‘Idea of India’ that Soota understands… Soota and friend walk around the outer ‘praakaaram’ chanting Rudram, seeing the mountain and the temple… This is heaven…

Setting off again…. A nice view of Arunachala…



We return to the room at around 9 pm… Nidra time…

27 December…

We are up at 4 am… For the plan is to visit the big temple of Arunachaleshwara. This being the month of Margazhi, the temple opens at 3 am. We are in the temple at 5 am.


Entering the inner courtyard, we are greeted by the sight of hundreds of pilgrims lining up in a queue…. We are late… No hope of having darshan for another hour, at the very least…

We amble around the temple, taking in the sights…

Here is a picture of devotees, in the morning darkness, lighting ghee lamps near the shrine of Navagraha… Today is Saturday, and folks light lamps for Shaneeshvara…



We return to the Asram.. See the morning Puja… Have breakfast… Stroll around…

Some sights..

A peacock strikes a philosopher’s pose on top of a thatch roof of one of the dwellings in the Asram. Today is Shashti… the day of the month sacred for worship of Lord Subrahmanya… Who is identified with Ramana as well…



A view of the Asram Gosala…



After some silent time at the Asram halls, we come back to the Arunachaleshvara temple at around 10 am. This time, we somehow manage to have Darshan… Wonderful… Especially the darshan of Goddess Apitakuchamba, the consort of Lord Arunachaleshwara… Darshan of Her feet, from up close…

A few pictures from this visit to the temple.. Click and browse.

Around 12 Noon we return to Asram for Lunch. Delicious prasadam… Blessings of Bhagavan..

Picture time..

One, of a Caucasian child posing on the Iluppai tree in the front yard of the Asram…

Me Tarzan… You Jane… Lovely…



Signing off for the year with a little video clip… Of Deeparadhana… Puja offered at Ramana Sivalinga…

Sacred sound and light….


Wishing all a very happy 2015!



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5 Responses to “Arunachala in December – A picture post”

  1. Ravi Chandhiramouli Says:

    Thank you much Kamesh. Very beautiful to watch / read – first thing this morning when I got up. Have been attending ribhu geetai chanting last 2 days. Today is the third and final day. Bliss.

  2. Balasubramanyam Nagarajan Says:

    the photos are very nice. ribugita chanting is going on here and we enjoy as sri ravi told.
    nagarajan sethu

  3. gkamesh Says:

    Ravi / Bala… Thanks for writing in. How nice that you are all chanting Ribhu Gita. Presume you are referring to the Tamizh version. Bhagavan has said that the chanting of Ribhu Gita will lead to Samadhi…

    Blog ezhudum soota-vaana Brahmam Naane
    Blog padikkum american-aana Brahmam Naane


  4. jayanthi Says:

    I liked everything about your Arunachala reportoire. The photos spoke volumes about the most happening place in our country.
    Blessed are you and keep sharing such post with us.

  5. Mallikarjunan Says:

    Dear Kamesh,

    Greetings & Beat wishes!!
    Marvellous reporting about the journey to Annamalaiar temple. you have taken me to the place by your writings and photographs.

    Take care.


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