Iyam Sita…


How about bringing in the New Year, listening to some Rama Katha… Here is a recording from the Soota archive…

The setting: Mithila

The occasion: The wedding of Rama and Sita

The epic: Valmiki Ramayana

Have posted the narration in the ‘Rasa Culture’ channel in Youtube… A week or two ago, a narration about the ‘Beautiful Kanda” (Sundara Kandam) of Ramayana was uploaded as well… There are some other recordings too in the channel…

Now for the epic wedding… The Baraat has arrived from Ayodhya….

Let’s join the party, shall we….

Click here to go to the Youtube audio link of Rama Sita Wedding

May Sita Devi bless all of us with all Glory and Prosperity!

Jai Siya Ram! Jai Jai Hanuman!


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