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Happy Rama Navami!



On this Rama Navami day of 2015, I am sharing an audio clip of Rajajai (C Rajagopalachari), speaking in Tamil, on the greatness of Ramayana.

This audio clip is from a Ramayana discourse of Sengalipuram Anantharama Deekshitar, narrated perhaps in the 1950s. Rajaji was a regular listener in Deekshitar’s discourses, and Deekshitar would often ask Rajaji to speak a few words.

In this particular clip, Rajaji speaks of Ramayana as an epic that inspires us to lead a virtuous life. He says that if one were to explain what one should do to lead a life of virtue, then it would not be an easy task. On the other hand, if one were to say just one word – “Rama” – then all would be understood. Likewise, if one were to say “Sita” or “Hanuman”, then one need say no further. The virtues and characteristics of these characters of Ramayana would shine instantly in our minds. Such is the power of the epic.

Rajaji says, that as a person of modern times, he has often wondered about this.. Ramayana is a story after all.. Can one not extract the qualities of the  main characters, and just elaborate on these  and write a book, explaining that ‘these and such’ are the qualities of Rama, Sita, Hanuman etc… He himself responds to this thought saying that such a book would not serve a paisa of purpose. Rama has to be known through Ramayana. Likewise, Sita or Hanuman or Bharata has to be known through Ramayana. Then alone would their character  impress upon our hearts.

He ends by exhorting one and all to listen to and study Ramayana in whatever language one is comfortable with, for Ramayana has been written in almost all major languages of our ancient land…

Signing off this post… Got to prepare for the weekly narration of Ramayana… This afternoon one shares Valmiki’s narration about the aftermath of Vali’s death….

Sri Rama Jayam!


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