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Anup Sridhar

August 10, 2008

It was great seeing Anup Sridhar defeat the Portuguese player, Marco Vasconcelos, in straight sets in  Badminton, in Beijing today. Frankly, I havent been keeping up with Badminton news at all…. And so I looked up the net on Anup. And I find that he has been to the quarter finals of Badminton World Cup in 2007…. And he beat the 2005 World Cup champion Taufik Hidayat during that run to the quater finals. Except for the challenges that he has faced because of injuries, it does appear that here is a player who could have probably made it to the very top.

Lets hope he does that now. Prakash Padukone has apparently said that Anup is a medal prospect. He seemed to be in perfect shape today. He has power, deftness, and is cool. Wish him all the luck…

In one of his recent interviews, he said “As you know, there isn’t much money in badminton and it is very expensive to hire a personal coach. I only could afford it this year…” 

How does it happen that a player like Anup is not able to afford a high quality personal coach? I guess the media has some blame-share. Cricket clogs up so much mindshare of media and sponsors that other games and sports-greats are so disadvantaged, that unless they win an Olympic or a Word Cup medal, they are not in the limelight. And so are denied earnings from Ads etc. Tell you what, Anup would beat any of the current cricket or even film folks as a face of a product…

btw, Anup has his own blog.

Look it up at