eBooks Two – A novella and some poetry

Freedom is a high.

Publishing the e-book way is like the ‘Berlin wall and Sentries’ of brick and mortar world of publication and distribution just going up in smoke – the veil of Maya suddenly lifting, and matter ceasing to matter…

Well, not exactly that, but to Soota (‘yours truly’), the feeling is good, anyway.

Two of this-I’s books are now available as ebooks on Amazon… Ready to buy 🙂 and read….

The first is a short work of fiction, called “The Night the Moon Disappeared”.


Moon ebook cover 1400 by 1750v2

The story is about a family that sets out on a full moon night, doing circumambulation around the holy mountain of Arunachala… And what happens when the moon disappears, death-style… A book meant for people of all ages, it starts off as a children’s story and grows up at every step of the way to reach the summit of the holy mountain, Arunachala… It is a search in prose-poetry of mystic ways to find one’s own Self.

Click here for the Amazon-Kindle link to the e-book.


The second one is a book of poems – titled “Seahorse in the Sky”. This was earlier published in print version by Writers Workshop. Now, it takes an e-avatar…


Seahorse cover  1400 by 1800

Divya Kumar, blogger-writer, blogging about different book launches in Chennai, mentioned that the book was “Not a work of fiction, but an excellent collection of poetry by an unlikely poet“.

She linked to her article in The Hindu, Metro Plus section (“The Art of Juggling” Click here to read ), where she wrote:

Seahorse in the Sky is truly good poetry in the old-fashioned sense, filled with deftly-drawn word sketches, gently ironic observances of human nature, and sometimes poignant, sometimes funny stories, crafted out of the fabric of our daily lives

Click here for the Amazon-Kindle link to this book of poems 


For new ebook explorers… You can download and read these books on a Kindle book reader. But you don’t necessarily need a Kindle device. You can download the Kindle App on your Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone – and you are ready-to-read…. The App is free and the link is available on the Amazon book-links above…

Interest kindled?

On your mouse… Ready, steady, click…


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